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Jude, from NY, is owner/moderator of Jude'  I'm into crystals, prayer healing and on a spiritual retreat. I'm a veggie, a Trekkie and Director of Norm & I together 32 years. I have 13 house plants & 4 cats. My birthday is Aug 3.

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Janet, from West Palm Beach, FL, is  happily married, and the mom of two children.  She is the CEO/Pres of
Janet has a great sense of humor.  
Her birthday is Oct.  23

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Heather, from Australia was into drumming, crystals and healing. She was a Trekkie, enjoyed SciFi, pets, gardening. Loved reading. First to join my TZ group in 2001.. My Aussie sister! Heather Sell 1948-2018 RIP 

Norm, from NY is the Pres. of Muffin's Pet Connection He enjoys chess, golf, music and SciFi. He's a veggie, on a Spiritual quest. 
His birthday is July 5. 

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Dottie, from Fayetteville, NC,  retired. She has 1 daughter, and 1 deceased. Enjoys her 3 wonderful  grandkids. Hobbies: making wreaths and flower arrangements. Loves crossword puzzles. Her birthday is Sept. 20,

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CAT, from Brooklyn, NY,  is a CUNY
College Transition Instructor.  Loves long walks, animals, spiders  and Aldo, a rescued  orange kitty. She's witty, and a good  friend. Passionate, a dedicated teacher.
Her birthday is June  9

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Savannah, from Australia. holds rescued cat Bastile & Forest a Gray hound.  Struggling with health issues, she said good-byes to her mum, Heather.  Vannah is married to Lindsay.  Her birthday is Oct. 14