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Follow your heart - the Truth is there!
  We are blesse with spiritual gifts needed to navigate our journey towards them.  Paranormal experiences are fascinating and very real.  
Here, at Jude'sTruthZone, we can meet other soul mates who have had similar experiences, and have some fun, too. 

"In the dark? Follow the Son."


Welcome! to my world of spiritual awakenings and transitional portals.  Being ushered onto the psychic bridge of extraordinary paranormal phenomena's, is exciting and challenging.  

I'm Jude, a spiritual seeker on a lifelong quest of self discovery, growth and peace.  I created this mystical site hoping to meet like minded seekers, motivated by their spiritual guides, mentors and power animals, mine being the lion Which Power Animal are you?   

Have you ever meet an Angel, had an out of body experience, or felt strong negative energy before anything actually happened?

When the 'alert monkey on my right shoulder' became extremely heavy, and turned into a gorilla, I knew something was horribly wrong.  As soon as I was introduced to a burly, uncouth man, the 'gorilla on my shoulder' weighed in at a ton. For 2 years, this tremendous gorilla weight increased. Finally, his vague past was revealed. He had served 5 years in jail, with no parole.  My gorilla warning was spot on!  

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A willful out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it throughout the universe.

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This portal, a mystical transition with God, echoed my negative blockages.  My hidden child issues stimulated by the Charoite and Black Obsidian,  provided BLUNT truths. The Snowflake Obsidian stirred delicate truths.  This gemstone does not sugar-coat issues.  Through prayer and meditation, negative patterns dissolved.  

The Green Adventurine is my personal physical healing stone.  

The Rose Quartz 'chose me' for self love and inner emotional healing.  

May The Truth Be Your Guide...